Daniela Rizzi

Daniela Rizzi

is an artist based in London a painter, printmaker, photographer and lecturer


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emma Chissit




'Emma Chisit? - The Sea (Cesspit Of The Nations)' oil on canvas 100x100cm


'Beach' oil on canvas 100x100cm





'Shape II' oil on canvas 170x160cm



'Shape III' oil on canvas162x100cm



'Shape VI' oil on canvas 100x80cm




'As Above So Below'

'As Above So Below I' oil on canvas with linocut 90x80cm

As Above So below

'As Above So Below VI' oil on canvas 90x120cm



As above so below

'As Above So Below III' triptych - oil on canvas 30x90cm




As above so below II

'As Above So Below II' triptych - oil on canvas 30x90cm




Touching The Intangible I

'Touching The Intangible I' oil on canvas 140x120cm

Touching The Intangible IV

'Touching The Intangible IV' 170x135cm

Touching The Intangible II

'Touching The Intangible II' oil on canvas 70x70cm


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